B2B Sales Consulting

for agile and sustainable growth

Sales consulting

Generate growth!

We support you in every phase of your sales activities:

  • Finding the right set-up of your sales organization (direct sales, partner and online sales activities)
  • Improving the sales performance of existing teams by optimizing your processes and procedures
  • Hands-On, if you want to win new customers or test a new market first before hiring additional sales people.

Training & Coaching

Qualify your team!

Trainings are carried out, for example to improve team results at trade fairs & events and to teach new ways of working.

Coaching is targeting to support individual employees in their daily work by providing constructive feedback.

After the implementation of sales projects or process adjustments, we offer an additional 30/60/90-day refresher course to refresh the project results in order to anchor changes in the long term. Here, experiences are processed and, if necessary, corrections are made.

How we work

Consultations do not take place in a vacuum. The starting point is always your individual situation. Therefore, we start with a close examination of the current situation and develop suitable improvements and changes based on this.

Find out more about our process model here

Our strategic consulting

helps you to align all important projects and processes with your strategic corporate goals.

With clear responsibilities and transparency you create the framework for sustainable growth. Deviations from the plan are detected early – price adjustments are made with a sense of proportion and based on facts.

For a significant improvement in your customer approach and the achievement of your growth targets!

Sales Consulting during COVID19

In a time of crisis, consistent and focused action is essential. Customers buy less or need other services, projects are postponed or cancelled. Your sales department cannot conduct customer visits in the usual way, but must develop new ways of addressing customers. At the same time, there are great opportunities to address new topics, optimize processes and position yourself even better for the future.

We support you in solving these challenges. We help you to name the right topics, prioritize them and address them in a targeted manner.

We advise you in all questions concerning the planning and execution of your sales activities. We support you in developing a solid growth plan, the professional use of your competitive advantages and the training of your employees in on- and offline trainings.

Current topics

Here you will find links and information about strategy, sales and neuro-management:

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