Sales Consulting

In the P&L of your company, sales is a significant cost block. In return, it should generate the required orders for your company. It is also often the first interface to your customers. How can you ensure that your sales department has the tools to meet your customers’ expectations?

In addition, the buying behaviour of B2B customers has changed dramatically in recent years: According to a Gartner study, a buyer today has already made almost 60% of his purchasing decision before making initial contact with a potential supplier. They have more information about a product, they know the most important competitors – they probably also know the social network profiles of your salesperson even before they step through the door for the first time.

This means that we have to build up sales differently than 10 years ago. Today, customers expect their suppliers to add value to their processes – solutions to their problems. To be in a position to ensure this, new – agile – ways of interaction are required.

The goal of our consulting and training is to meet the changed role in customer dialogue.

And because we are operating in a changed market environment, it is important to track the performance of individual actions, check their effectiveness and, if necessary, readjust them in order to achieve your company goals, especially in sales activities.

Together with you, we develop robust processes for the daily sales business that fit your portfolio. Your sales team receives the “crash barriers” for its work and achieves the planned goals. By tracking meaningful indicators, you receive a clear dashboard for determining your position in day-to-day business.

Together we will find “low-hanging fruits” and tackle the most lucrative and promising projects to ensure your growth.

In the end, the goal is to optimally prepare your sales team, bring them to the right customers and offer your services there professionally and successfully.

Your sales processes become transparent, visually represented and measurable.

We love sales and look forward to talking to you!

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