Training & Coaching

Motor expertise

Changes in behaviour are anchored by routine and repetition. New processes and procedures must be trained.

If desired and as a supplement to our consulting services, we conduct face-to-face training. In addition to classic sales training, we offer trade fair training and individual sales coaching.

With our Coursepath-based online platform we also offer the possibility to set up and conduct online trainings for your employees, partners and dealers.

Here we can set up product training courses for you, deliver training in compact form as a presentation, training with or without tests and make them available to your employees conveniently online. The function of our tool enables you to quickly create attractive learning content. According to your needs, questions in free text or multiple choice format, films etc. can be integrated into the courses and logically linked.

If required, we can create training modules for you or guide you in creating your own learning content.

The platform we use is easy to operate and is used in numerous companies for training purposes. You can manage, remind and activate members and, for example, train your sales representatives or dealers.

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